Dr. Ali Theyab

Dr. Ali Theyab

Ali Theyab is the 20/21 President of International Association of Dental Students (IADS), and the current Head of Advisory Board of the organization. The Founder and current Trustee of Iraqi Dental Student Association -IDSA-.

Dr. Theyab is the first Iraqi young healthcare professional to be elected to lead an International youth healthcare organization. Assigned as an Expert to the WHO Academy Quality Committee by the WHO Healthcare Workforce Department.

Graduated as U.S. MEPI Leadership and Civic Engagement Alumni from Montana State University in 2017 while he was pursuing his Bachelor Degree in Dental Medicine from University of Wasit, which he obtained in 2018 and continued his service as a Dental Practitioner in the Iraqi Ministry of Health till the current moment.

Dr. Theyab started advocating for public health locally from 2015 in national-level NGOs before establishing the only dental student organization in Iraq in 2017 to lead independent projects in oral health using a student-centered approach to design interactive curricula for public health in dental schools and enhance innovation and entrepreneurship by enabling students to lead their own public health projects across the country.

He worked for four years on youth development projects in the national and regional arena to support youth involvement in the private sector and to support healthcare startups to thrive in order to develop health systems by using capacity building tools (design thinking, gamification, etc.). During his work on the International stage, he got the chance to be elected as IADS 19/20 External Relations Chairman, assigned as IADS 18/19 Governance Bureau Director, and serve as a Steering Committee member in the WHO GHWN Youth HUB.

Dr. Theyab focus area is to shape a new vision to Reinvent Art in Dentistry through Innovation, and Global Health advocacy.


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