Dr.  Edward Rizk

Dr. Edward Rizk

  • Dr Edward Rizk graduated from St Joseph University Beirut 1994 (DDS).
  • Masters in Endodontics in 1999.
  • Since 2001 teaches at the Lebanese university school of dental medicine, department of endodontics. In under and postgraduate program
  • Head of undergrad program 2011-2013, and 2019 till day
  • President of Lebanese Society of Endodontology (LSE)2015-2018 and 2021till 2024
  • Involved in continuing education locally and in arab countries since 2004.
  • Collaboration with FDI since 2015 in the middle east area.
  • OPL for many endodontic companies.
  • Has his private practice limited to Endodontics since year 2000 till day.

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