Dr. Zoe  Brookes

Dr. Zoe Brookes

Dr. Zoe Brookes PhD, PCHE, SFHEA, MJDF (RCS, Eng), BDS, BSc (Hons) is an Associate Professor in Dental Education and Research and the Associate Head of Teaching and Learning, working at the University of Plymouth, UK since 2017, after undertaking research training at the University of Sheffield, UK and the University Edmonton, Canada. She also currently works in primary care as a General Dental Practitioner advising both students and patients on management of oral hygiene and periodontal disease. As Lead of the Plymouth Oral Microbiome Research Group, which collaborates internationally, she has published, sometimes controversial original and review articles  in the field of oral microbiome and mouthwash use, focusing on chlorhexidine and novel antimicrobial agents.


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